Musical Theatre -

Musical Theatre (Sangeet Natak), is all about expressing a subject or a story in front of an audience in such an effective prose and musical fashion as to lure all in the topic along with complete entertainment.

Kalapini has been actively performing in this form of theatre, which being a very rich form of Martathi culture, is now on a verge of extinction amongst the youth today.

Kalapini has been making continuous efforts to revive this tradition to its original form through some excellent performances by young and old artists from the legendary dramas like Sangeet Saubhadra, Suvarnatula, Swayamwar and Sangeet Manapaman.

Sangeet Sharada performed in Goa by the child artistas won them several accolades.

Winners of several awards, Sangeet Mandarmala and Sangeet Dhanya Te Gayani Kala produced, by the organisation, have been stepping stones in the journey of Kalapini in the Musical Theatre activity.

In the year 2004, the Musical play by Vidyadhar Gokhalae, Pati Gele ga Kathewadi, was performed by the organisation in Talegaon and Pune city, as well as was screened on DoorDarshan TV as a series.


Kalapini recently performed a new musical play named 'Chaiti'.

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Sangeet Swayamwar

Sangeet Saubhadra