Streetplays -

Streetplay is a very efficient means to create Social Awakening through the means of drama.
Kalapini has taken over differrent social issues like Drug and Smoke Addiction, AIDS, Psychological Disorders, Female Infanticide, Conservation of Environment etc and produced streetplays on each of them.
Among them are 'Karu Sajre San, Karu Paryawarnache Rakshan'(Save Environment through festivals), 'AIDSla Gada'(Demolish AIDS), 'Mulgi Zali Ho..'(A Girl child is born..) which have won State and National level prizes.

Kalapini is in the forefront of social movement through drama, as it has produced and performed several street plays all over maharashtra. The selected ones include.. Aids la gaada (bury AIDS), Mulgi Zali Ho etc. Kalapini's young artist do have social consciousness, which led to the performance of woman's liberisation. "Mulgi zaali ho" in Maharashtra and in Hindi at Jabalpur, Cuttak, Vijaynaraman. For the awareness of AIDS among the youth,a young artist Shailesh Arora wrote & directed a 'pathanatya(street play) named, "Aids La Gada".

This play has been performed 500 times at all 13 Taluka places of Pune and Solapur district, as well as far to Manipur.. This team paticipated in the social awareness campign against AIDS organized by State Health Department of Maharashtra State & Pune Muncipal Corporation.They travelled in the North Eastern India Eastern India to performance in Hindi in Assam & Manipur state for the same.


Aids la gada