Children Drama -

Late Dr S V Paranjape Smriti Karandak (Children Drama Competition)

These competitions are being held since 1979 till date in its 29th year. The primary purpose behind them is to give opprtunity to the Students in the Rural Area to present their acting skills in front of audience and judges. Therefore, these competitions are held only at the MavaL Taluka level, which include villages like Vadgaon, Kamshet, Karle, Aadale, Jambhul, Urse, Shirgaon, Shiwne, Induri, Kanhe etc. The schhols put their respective entries & the artists are Primary & Secondary level students. About 1200 students in Maval participate in this every year, where they are awarded with more than 50 prizes in different fields like direction, acting, writing, music etc.
Dr Vishwas Mehendale has praise this activity saying that, "Talegaon is the Israel of Artists"