Achievements abroad - London Tour

Kalapini has won several Meritorious prizes in competitions at various levels. We not only proved our worth at new Delhi but got the most covetable opportunity to entertain the members of Maharashtra Mandal at London in 1989.

London Tour :
Kalapini got the opportunity to inaugurate the huge and well-equipped theatre of "Maharashtra Mandal" in London, with the performance of 'Suryachi Pille','Patil Gele Ga Kathewadi' and 'Lekure Udand Zaali'.

We presented three plays in Marathi, Hindi & Gujrathi. It is a matter of pride that Londoners arranged all this in order to celebrate the inaugaration of the Maharashtra Mandal's theatre.

Kalapini won the hearts of Maharashtrian crowd In London and stunned the Hindi and Gujrathi audience with their fluent performances in the comic play Chhu Mantar.