Play Expression -

This form of Theatre, is all about expressing a subject or a story in front of an audience in such an effective manner as to lure all in the topic along with complete entertainment, just through reading the play.

'Natyatma Wachan':-
A drama based on the life of great social worker Late Dhondo Keshav Karve, named 'Himalayachi Sawli' was read through this program to present the great social worker's rich thoughts and deeds to present generation. The response at Pune, Badodara, Mumbai, Solapur was extravagant.

Himalayachi Sawali (by Vasant Kanitkar)

Sahitya Abhivachan (Expressing Literary Compositions) : Expressing a particular article or play, only through recital acting is also an effective way of play performance. To provide inspiration in this Theatre form, Kalapini developed Abhivachan of the play 'Himalayachi Sawali' by Vasant Kanitkar, which is based on the honorary work done by Dhondokeshav Karve.
This play was performed, along with all the drapery required, giving it an excellent dranmatic effect, along with the needed attention towards the excellent script being read.
Various shows of this were performed all over the state includeing Mumbai, Pune, Daund, Solapur, etc where it was sincerely applauded.
The second attempt in this form was the performance of 'Rarangdhang', a book by Prabhakar Pendharkar which was converted into Dramatic Script for the purpose of Abhivachan. This show too was critically acclaimed and won 2nd prize at the Kokan Marathi Sahitya Parishad, along with 3 individual prizes.



The mighty Dr. Sriram Lagoo


Himalayachi Sawali performed by Kalapini