Sangeet 'Mandarmala' and 'Dhanya Te Gayani Kala' 

The Marathi theatre has a very old and rich tradition of 'Sangeet Natak'(musical play). It is a gift of Marathi Theatre to the Global Theatre. Over last few years, these Sangeet Nataks have been on a verge of decline, with reducing audience and profits. There is a need to revive this great Marathi tradition of theatre.

          Kalapini has taken the initiative to produce a Sangeet Natak every two years, and organize it's shows all over Maharashtra. The first play performed was Sangeet Mandarmala written by Vidyadhar Gokhale. The play was performed at Delhi competition and several places in Pune dist. It was a successful debut for the organisation in this field.

          Then came 'Sangeet Dhanya te gayani kala' written by Gopal Krishna Bhobe, which created history in the Sangeet Natak province. The play bagged the honourary 1st prize at state level Sangeet Natak competition (Rajya Natya Spardha), and 2nd prize at Delhi Musical Drama Competiton. Other than that it won several other prizes for direction, acting, light effects, stage art etc. The play has been successful in completing more than 25 shows all over the state, and has gained the organization a great name in the province of Marathi Sangeet Natak.

Both the plays have been screened on AIR & Doordarshan channel several times.

Also there has been active participation by the organisation in competitions like 'Sangeet Natya Pravesh Spardha' by Jairam Shiledar Karandak & Natesh Rangabhoomi, Goa. Kalapini has participated & won prizes for Sangeet Swayamwar, Suvarnatula, Manapaman, Saubhadra, Sangeet Sharada etc, performed by children & young artists.




Sangeet Mandarmala : won 2nd award at Delhi competition


Sangeet Dhanya Te Gayani Kala : won 1st prize at State Level


Mr. Ravindra Kulkarni


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