The Movement thereafter -

Shree G N Dandekar
Kumar Aiyyar
Ashok Sambhus
Dr B M Tumne
Balasaheb Gadre
Bharat Shukla
Mrs Meera Dandekar
Bapu Mahajani etc

All these artists worked enthusiastically together to promote art, by organising music competitions, debates, variety entertainment programmes & also participating in competitions like Rajya Natya & Kamgar Natya Spardha. In Feb 1978, the comedy play 'Sasrebua jara japun' won the Kamgar Kalyan Prize at Chinchwad, which paved the way towards participation in various state level competitions.

In this way the movement was carried further & till today, by energetic young volunteers.





Dr S V Paranjape & Veena Dev in Diva Jalude Saari Raat