The Foundation Day :

The movement which started in 1951 had been transformed into mature and developed artists and audience, capablle of producing professional plays and participating in State level events. The time hads come when all these performing groups unite.

Dr. Shankar rao Paranjape established "Kalapini" on 10th of April 1977. A group meant for bringing forward the hidden art in rural areas, develop artists for competition at Taluka level in various fields like acting, drawing, music etc. The name Kalapini was given by 'G.N.DANDEKAR', and the inauguration ceremony was presided by great artist Mr. Chittaranjan Kolhatkar who did warn that it is easy to start an institution but to run it succsessfully is not an easy task. But when he was invited for the 1st, 12th & 25th anniversary function of the institution, he publicly praised the teamwork in Kalapini.

In the very first year of the organisation, Dr. shankar Rao Paranjape had directed the play "Sasrebuva jara japun" very inthusiastically for the Maharashtra Labour Welfare drama Competition and this very first play of Kalapini won 3 prizes.

But unfortunately the happiness could not last very long. The year 1978 saw the sudden death of Dr.Shankar Rao Paranjape. But the members of the club faced the situation bravely and were determinant to continue the activities of the club.