The dawn of Diwali festival :

The Diwali program on 27th Oct at Kalapini Sanskrutik Kendra, named "Ujalati Shabda Suranchya Jyoti" was a treat to watch for the houseful audience present for the same. Different music & dance performances along with work of jubiliant volunteers made the show even more interesting.


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Kalapini has been conducting a unique programme of DIWALI PAHAT (the dawn on Diwali day) over the last 10 years. The function is a classical musical and dance programme performed by the talented and energetic artists of Talegaon.

The yearly program headed with titles like 'Timiratun Tejakade'(from darkness towards light), or 'Bhoopali te Bhairavi'(from morning raga to end raga) and many others, is full of different classical music performances like bandish, bhavgeets, etc by various male and female artists. The proram initiates with a 'Deep Nrutya'(dance of lights) followed by different performances of the musicians, dancers, and even western and hindi song performances. The show is compered & managed very skillfully by Dr Anant Paranjape with the help of numerous other volunteers. The program starts at 6am sharp, and continues for upto 3 hrs.



Artists performing on the occassion of Diwali Pahat