History goes back 30 years - The Inspiration :

A small village admist the hills of Maval, Talegaon bore a few people keenly interested in Marathi theatre. Great writer, 'Go Ni Dandekar' was the then 'Appa' Dandekar of Talegaon. Appa, and a doctor of creative personality and a keen liking for art - Dr Shankar Rao Paranjape gathered few other youths of similar interest and formed a group of performing artists - "Haushi Natyamandal" (Club of Amateur Art) in 1951.

During 1950, Talegaon was a small town of 10-12 Thousand strength, where it was facing shortage in all the basic amenities for living. But the love for art was getting builtup in every household. This inspired a few knowlegeable personnel to produce Plays in the town. This inspiration from the great Marathi Litterateur Go Ni Dandekar, and intellect of Dr S V Paranjape, Balasaheb Gadre, Kumar Aiyyar etc led to the formation of some great performances like 'Khadashtak' (1951), 'Sagarashi Jhunja' (1952), 'Bebandshahi' (1956). After the formation of Haushi Natya Mandal, other dramas like 'Paracha Kawla' 'Bhramacha Bhopla', 'Vande Mataram' were produced for the local audience.

Shankar rao also had the craze of performing plays outside Talegaon town. After spending the whole day in the dispensary, he started going to near by village like Khed, Manchar and Naryangaon with only one objective in mind, development of cultural trops and guidance to their dramas.

Dr S V Paranjape was a person crazy about theatre and art. Apart from being a successful medical practitioner, he was keenly interested and knowlegeable in the subject of Dramatics. He would gain exspertise in professional plays by watching them at Pune, and then trying to produce the same at local level. Infact he had made his mind to perform atleast one play at his own cost, every year (from the amateur artists), for the audience in Talegaon - Maval. In his lifetime, he directed in all 32 differrent dramas, which included the challenging performances like 'Vedyache Ghar Unhat' (1959), 'Katha Kunachi Vyatha Kunachi' (1967) and 'Ammaldar' (1969), which were performed in the State Level Competitions (Rajya Natya Spardha) under the banner of Sampada Theatres (which was the first Rural Group at Pune centre).

Along with Haushi Natya Mandal, there were several other small groups, which performed dramas in Talegaon, like in the areas of Talegaon Station, Glass Factory (Kachkarkhana).
With the inspiration from Dr. Mrs. Mangala Shankar Paranjape, the Mahila Mandals (Women Groups) were trying their best, to bring the women artists and audience in the rural areas, towards the performing stage. Their plays were directed by Dr. S V Paranjape like Vidushi, Amhi aho bayka, Swapna, Taru lagle kinari etc. This activity brought together various art loving families for various performances.

Through the medium of Snehavardhak Mandal, Dr. S V Paranjape directed plays like 'Bhramacha Bhopala', 'Lagnachi Bedi'. Great actor director Raja Paranjape praised the plays. The money collected in this purpose, laid the foundation for the 1st English Medium School in Talegaon, 'Balvikas Vidyalay'.

In this manner, since 1951, the cultural essence got rich in the youth, Ladies, elders of Talegaoun town, and on this strong foundation, Kalapini was established.




Late Dr. S V Paranjape

(1926 - 1978)