Bal-Bhavan :

A stage where today's kids shall be great artists of tomorrow

Balbhavan (Second Home of Children)

Taking inspiration from the Garware Balbhavan in Pune, Kalapini has been conducting this daily activity since February 2003, for the age group of 3 - 11 years.
There is a prime reason for which this task was initiated. In the current family structure, in most of the households, both parents work, and the child is left alone during his development stage. This may lead into self centric nature and Inferiority complex increases. The 15 day workshop are not sufficient for such youth, who need gradual development.
In the Balbhavan, several activities striving for overall development of the child are done.
* The child experiences all relations of brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandfather & grandmother, imbibing on them the much needed 'sanskar' in the right age.
* To prevent the dangerous impact of Cultural difference, they are taught with the importance and benefits of our festivals and functions.
* To realize the importance of 'light' in our life, Deep Nritya or the Dance of Lights is taught to them, after which each child is given 'Dive' made from wheat flour, as prasad.
* On the auspicious occassion of Holi, they are explained the necessity of Conservation of Nature, a small cleanliness drive undertaken, and Holi celebrated by burning the hay and leaves gathered.
* Rangapanchami celebrated with stories and songs, instead of playing with hazardous colours.
* To improve pronunciation in Marathi and English, Sanskrit shlokas are recited, as well as diferrent Child Literature.
* Sports activities carried out in groups, allowing the kids to make new friends through regular interaction.

These children as well participate in the Sumnmer Workshop. The plays performed by them have been presented in 'Udyogdham', home for the leperers, during the Ganapati festival, in various Institutions for physically disabled and old age people.

The youth which gets developed through this process is skilled in various forms of arts as well as a good & bright individual.

In Balbhavan, another branch openend recently at Ananda Vanashrinagar for the children in that area of Talegaon town.