Kalapini Kalamandal -

We proudly boast of our Kalamandal a club for stage fans having a membership above 1 thousand

This is not just the group of artists, but of the overwhelming members and audience in Talegaon. In a small town like Talegaon, it is not feasible for the spectators to afford expensive Play shows in Pune, every time. Kalapini provides them with the privilege of enjoying the standard professional plays in their own town.
Kalapini has staged nearly about 30 diferrent Plays of Commercial Theatre, which include 'Barister', 'To Me Navhech', 'King Liyer', 'Nakalat Sare Ghadle', 'Haswa Phaswi' etc among others, to develop good audience & to cultivate the appreciation of art. There are about 1000 members of Kalamandal. The programme and audience of Talegaon is praised by all the famous artists. Also production of local events are encouraged by members of Kalamandal.