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Maaval Vibhushan: Dr. Anant Paranjape

The organisation was formed in 1977 by the enthusiastic artists, headed by Dr Shankar Paranjape. All started well, until next year when the creator and mentor Doctor passed away due to sudden heart attack. The town lost its Family Doctor, and Kalapini its moral support.

But then there had to be someone to hold all members together and guide them on the path of progress. Kalapini found a leader with a vision, in Dr. Anant Paranjape, son of Late Dr. Paranjape.

About him:

He is an Ayurvedic Medical practioner in the town, compared most of the times with his father for the precise medical diagnosis and expertise. He has bagged many awards for acting, oratory and direction in his college life as a student of Ruparel college, Mumbai and Tilak Ayurved college in Pune. He also has received theatre training under the able guidence Mr. Prabhakar Gupte, the eminent 'natyaguru' at Bharat natya Mandeer, Pune.

His work :

Since then, there has been no looking back for Dr Anant. Famous by his profession name 'DOCTOR' in the team, he has been the whole and sole of Kalapini, and continues to lead the organisation with his uncanny ability to unite people for the benefit of the organisation.

With his vision of 'OUR OWN THEATRE' he, along with all the team members is striving hard to fulfill the long cherished dream. Doctor has been the source of inspiration to all the young generation in the organisation in whose hands lies the future, and he is the driving force to all the people, organisers, actors ,other artists and performers in any event.

His real passion is the THEATRE for which he has worked day night. He also wanted to fulfil the dream of his father to work for the progress of the people in Maval Taluka. Late Dr. Shankar Paranjape dedicated his life for the people. He and his wife Dr. Mangala thought that the arts enriched everyone's life, and started cultural activities.
Dr. Anant Paranjape also works passionately to make Kalapini succeed in all spheres of arts.

Apart from being a brilliant actor himself, he has directed many marathi plays, which were performed at the state and national level competitions and won various laurels for acting, direction lights, sets etc.
Winning the first prize for team, direction at the hands of veteran actor Raj Kapoor, is one of the sweet memories for Kalapini. Dr. Paranjape is recepient of numerous awrds for direction, acting and also as a best organisor.

His directed Marathi Classical Play 'Dhanya te gayani kala' won the prestigious Rajya Natya Paritoshik in 2003. Also Dr has been the comperer for most of the 'Diwali Pahat' events as well as interview and introduction of prominent film and theatre personalities, each year.
A visionary for Kalapini ,he has initiated the campaign in Maval, to carve out and boost the budding artist and good individuals, among the school going children.

A great fan of Indian music, he himself plays sitar and harmonium. His deep knowledge of music, dramatics and literature guides Kalapini in all walks of performances. His vision has prompted the birth of the Kala academy for music, drama and dance, for he feels that to be a good artists one has to learn all types of art well.

In consideration of all his dedication and efforts, he was felicitated by Shree Digambar Bhegde Prathishthan at the hands of the former state minister, Shri Nitin Gadkari, on 18th November 2008. The title of 'Maval Vibhushan' was conferred on him.
He was also presented by a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000, as a prize in the name of Lt. Pramod Mahajan, known as a 'Saccha Karyakarta' award (a sincere, dedicated and diligent worker). Dr. Paranjape donated this amount with adding Rs.11,111 to Kalapini, for the cause of the upcoming theatre. 'Bhoomi Poojan' of the same at the hands of the veteran actor Shree Prabhakar Panshikar occurred on 24th Nov 08.






Mr. Nitin Gadkari felicitating Dr. Paranjape